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The Facial lipofilling Tunisia is an innovative method for facial restoration and reshaping while rejuvenating the face..

It is the plastic surgery of the face of the face that ensures rewarding and natural results.

The truth is that as we get older, the skin and muscles of the face lose their firmness making our face sag. In other words, the loss of muscle tone and thinning skin can give the face a loose, sagging appearance. This results in hollows, significant wrinkles and drooping skin.

The Facial lipofilling remedies this concern by naturally restoring firmness and tone to the face and filling in hollow volumes. Thus, the latter will be both firmed and rejuvenated.

The Facial lipofilling Tunisia seduces all patients and is increasingly sought after.

Indeed, this modern technique of cosmetic surgery of the face is an excellent replacement for the conventional facelift.

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Facial lipofilling: what is it?

This plastic surgery of the face has 3 main objectives, which are able to meet the different expectations of patients.

First, facial lipofilling fills several hollow and sagging areas of the face:

  • Cheeks;
  • The jowls;
  • Cheekbones;
  • And even dark circles.

In addition, this technique is designed to rejuvenate the face with a natural facelift that tightens the skin and muscles and fills in the nasolabial folds.

Additionally, facial lipofilling embellishes the face by creating well-shaped plump lips, for example.

In Tunisia, the demand for this type of surgery is very high due to two main factors: the expertise of Tunisian surgeons as well as the inexpensive prices of facial lipofilling in Tunisia compared to those in Canada or Europe.

Towards a better understanding of facial lipofilling

Facial lipofilling is based on a very ingenious principle. In fact, it consists of a small aspiration of self-fat that will be used to reshape and fill the desired areas of the face. The fat taken comes from discrete parts of the body. Because the amount of fat required is very small, it is easy to remove, regardless of the patient's body type. This is truly negligible liposuction.

Therefore, a satisfactory result is guaranteed, regardless of the objective:

  • Filling in hollows
  • Rejuvenate the face
  • Obtain cheekbones
  • Increase the volume of the lips etc.

Facial Lipofilling Tunisia: the process of the intervention

After a preoperative examination, the operation is arranged. The latter can take place under strong local anesthesia or under general anesthesia. The second option is more recommended.

The Facial lipofilling Tunisia Facial lipofilling Tunisia is ambulatory or else the patient will leave the clinic the next day. This surgery lasts no longer than 2 hours.

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Dental implantology steps

After anesthesia,

  • Liposuction of the fat from the most suitable area of the body.
  • Purification and centrifugation of the removed fat.
  • Extraction of healthy fat cells.
  • Injection of the fat into the desired area(s) of the face.
  • Filling and massage.
  • Suturing and dressing.


Please keep in mind that the incisions are invisible and that there will be no scars.

Facial Lipofilling: postoperative follow-up

Little needs to be reported during the postoperative phase of a Facial lipofilling , other than the appearance of a slight edema and small bruises for 3 to 4 days. After a rest of 2-3 days, the resumption of professional activities is definitely possible.

Possible complications

Notons que le Facial lipofilling is a minimally invasive cosmetic surgery. In this sense, the risks and complications are very limited, especially since it is an injection of self-fat, generally well tolerated by the body. Your surgeon will give you all the information you need about this surgery.

Lipofilling Tunisia: the results

You only need to wait 4 weeks to largely appreciate the result. In this sense, you should know that the quantity of fat inserted will significantly decrease during the two weeks following the procedure. We generally refer to 50% of the injected fat quantity.

As for your face, it will be more radiant, firm, rejuvenated, and harmonious.

Note that for very sagging and wrinkled faces, we can combine lipofilling and face lifting.

In this regard, please do not hesitate to consult our 50% discount offer concerning the second intervention.

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