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Definitely, the proportion and shape of the buttocks are essential aspects of an attractive and appealing physique.

Brazilian buttocks are on one hand very trendy these days. It implies having both firm and well-rounded buttocks and a rather thin waist. This is more than seductive, this is sexy! On the other hand, a totally flat buttock is not much of a seduction asset. They can even represent a real embarrassment for the person. In this sense, the hypoplasia of the buttocks is likely to become a handicap altering well-being and self-confidence.

So, whether you have completely flat buttocks or only slightly rounded buttocks, and you want therefore to have a perfectly rounded and lifted buttocks, the BBL (Brazilian Body Lift)technique is the one for you. As its name states, this cosmetic surgery allows you to obtain the famous Brazilian buttocks, in a natural way.

Regarding BBL Tunisia , it allows you to have the buttocks of your dreams at the most affordable rate.

Towards a better understanding of BBL

The Brazilian Body Lift) is basically Buttock lipofilling , a cosmetic surgery allowing to :

  • Increase the buttocks' volume.
  • Refine the waistline.

The technique used to obtain this result is very ingenious since it allows the patient to achieve this double objective in one operation : The technique used to obtain this result is very ingenious since it allows to achieve this double objective in one go.

Indeed, as with lipofilling, it is based on the principle of increasing a specific body part, in this case, the buttocks, by injecting autologous fat.

In the case of BBL , the volume of the buttocks will be augmented by fat removed from the hips, stomach, and lower back. This allows obtaining a wasp waist.

However, if there is not enough fat volume in these parts of the body, it is possible to harvest fat from other areas such as the saddlebags.

Please note that the removal of the fat will be done by liposuction.

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The BBL for whom?

The Buttock lipofilling is for women wishing to develop a Brazilian-style buttock, that matches modern beauty standards. It is also convenient for people who would like to put an end to the problem of flat buttocks.

Hence, if you want to enhance the shape of your buttocks and round them out while refining your silhouette, the BBL is for you.

It should be emphasized, however, that this technique is not suitable for people who are quite thin and have a very low-fat percentage, making it impossible to remove the fat.

For such profiles, the optimal solution is to opt forbuttock augmentation by implants.

The advantages of BBL Tunisia

Which advantages does lipofilling of the buttocks in Tunisia have to offer ?

 It is widely known, that cosmetic surgery of the silhouette and particularly that of the buttocks is much more expensive in Canada and Europe than in Tunisia.

For this reason, if you wish to have a Brazilian buttock and silhouette at the best price, Tunisia is an optimal choice.

As result, you will have the desired outcome by benefiting from the expertise of the Tunisian surgeons and the personalized assistance offered by the medical staff.

The process BBL process

For a successful Buttock lipofilling , a preoperative visit is required. During this visit, your surgeon will gain an understanding of your preferences and will assess the appearance of your buttocks and your figure as a whole. At the same time, the surgeon will determine the parts of the body from which the fat will be removed.

The Brazilian Body Lift) The Brazilian Body Lift is performed under general anesthesia. It lasts a maximum of 3 hours. As for leaving the clinic, it will be done the day after the surgery.

Dental implantology steps

After anesthesia,

  • Removal of the necessary fat.
  • Purification and centrifugation of the fat cells.
  • Creation of small holes in the buttocks.
  • Re-injection of the fat taken from the buttocks.
  • Stitches are placed.
  • Dressing


Comme il s’agit de petites incisions, les cicatrices seront quasiment invisibles.

Postoperative effects of the BBL

Following the buttock lipofilling procedure , you may experience pain very similar to body aches. They are mainly due to liposuction and will be reduced by simply taking painkillers.

You may also encounter some swelling and bruising that usually takes about 15 days before gradually fading.

It is strongly advisable to lie on your stomach or on your sides. In this sense, sleeping on your back will be forbidden for two weeks.

The ideal duration of sleep is about 7 days. Afterward, you can continue all normal activities, except for sports activities, which cannot be resumed until after one month.

Possible complications

The BBL is founded on the idea of injecting autologous fat. Consequently, complications are very rare. As with most cosmetic surgeries of this kind, they are basically: hematoma and infection. You can accurately review all the risks with your specialist.

BBL Tunisia: the results

The first thing to note is that a little more than a third of the injected fat will vanish in the weeks following the Buttock lipofilling The surgeon obviously takes this parameter into account.

You can admire your brand-new Brazilian buttocks after only three months of operation.

BBL Tunisie Prix

BBL Tunisia price with Medlart

Please keep in mind that the opportunity to have your dream buttocks is given to you by Medlart at exceptional rates! Feel free to contact us to find out more about our BBL Tunisia prices and service