Genioplasty Tunisia also known as Chin Plastic surgery Tunisia!

An unattractive chin definitely has an effect on the rest of the facial features, especially if the defect is noticeable or if the facial features are quite thin.

This discomfort is susceptible to represent an obstacle for the person in his or her career and the different daily life activities. It can therefore diminish the confidence and self-esteem of the affected person.

In fact, the most common chin defects are receding chin and protruding chin. But, whether it is for one or the other, effective solutions exist thanks to chin plastic surgery The latter now uses very sophisticated techniques that provide a satisfying and natural result.

As for genioplasty Tunisia it certainly offers this outcome in combination with an affordable price.

Also, due to excellent medical care, the client will receive the best service that will fulfill all his desires.

Génioplastie menton Tunisie

Genioplasty Tunisia: toward concept clarification

Genioplasty is a cosmetic surgery that deals with a receding chin or protruding chin. Also called "mentoplasty", it corrects the defects of the latter for a more harmonious face.

To do so, there are two techniques that can correct the mandible:

  1. Advancing and/or shifting the receding chin.
  2. Move back the protruding chin.

The goal is to bring the facial features back into balance while guaranteeing a natural result.

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The Chin genioplasty Tunisia fixes all chin defects. Actually, Tunisian cosmetic surgeons have mastered, to the point of perfection, the two major techniques of chin correction, namely:

  • The advancement genioplasty: to treat the sagging chin. This is known as retrogenia.
  • Recoil genioplasty: to treat a curved chin. This is called progeny.

The method most commonly used today to remedy these defects is milling, which is gradually replacing osteotomy

Genioplasty chin Tunisia: for whom it is intended

The Chin genioplasty Tunisia The genioplasty of the chin Tunisia is addressed to any patient embarrassed by a too-receding chin or a protruding chin and judging this defect as disabling. It represents a real advantage for all those who seek the best quality/price ratio. Indeed, the price of genioplasty Tunisia is more than attractive and the medical care is irreproachable!

The process of chin plastic surgery

A careful pre-operative check-up is essential to prepare for the chin genioplasty. The latter takes place under a general anesthesia and requires between onee and two hours. It depends on the surgical procedures to be performed. The patient can leave the clinic the same day or the very following day.


After anesthesia,

  • Discreet incisions inside the mouth or under the chin.
  • Insertion of an implant in the lower jawbone.
  • Adjustment of the prosthesis.


After anesthesia,

  • Discreet incisions inside the mouth or under the chin.
  • Planing of the advanced jawbone by milling.

The special case of the bird profile

A "bird profile" is when the face has a defect combining a receding chin and a humped nose. This defect is quite common. Our surgeons are perfectly capable of proposing appropriate solutions for the correction of this defect.

The postoperative phase of a chin genioplasty

The Cosmetic surgery of the chin is usually associated with little pain. If necessary, taking painkillers is enough to relieve it. The mobility of the chin will be slightly reduced.

The operation will cause the appearance of edema that will fade away within a couple of weeks.

The bandage will be removed a few days after the operation.

Your surgeon will recommend that you maintain very good oral hygiene. Also, you should avoid, for a certain period of time, food that is too hard to chew and thick so as not to put too much strain on the chin.

Are there any potential complications?

Following chin genioplasty, the risks and complications are very limited. Typically, this surgery is completely risk-free.

Still, some rare complications may arise: bleeding, numbness, and will be fully explained by your surgeon.

Chin plastic Tunisia: the results

Whether it is a genioplasty to correct a receding chin or a curved chin, it takes from 2 to 3 months to begin to really appreciate the results.

Once the procedure is completed, you will see your chin becoming more in harmony with your facial features. The face will be beautified and embellished. In general, genioplasty leads to a marvelous improvement for the greatest happiness of the patients!

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