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Gynecomastia is the excessive development of the mammary glands in men. It may occur in one breast (unilateral gynecomastia) or in both breasts (bilateral gynecomastia).

A sagging and voluminous male chest may affect a man's virility. Very uncomfortable, drooping breasts are a true handicap, which is difficult to manage. Besides, in a society dominated by physical appearances, for men, a well-shaped and firm chest is a real tool of seduction.


In fact, this drooping aspect of the chest is a mild illness, called gynecomastia.

This condition causes a lot of embarrassment for men and can be remedied by male breast correction. In a nutshell, this cosmetic surgery is called gynecomastia.

It is based on several techniques that restore the lost man's virility to the chest. Gynecomastia Tunisia is the leading solution at very affordable prices.

Gynecomastia Tunisia : find out more!

The Gynecomastia is marked by the enlargement of the male mammary gland. In fact, every man possesses one. But ordinarily, the mammary gland should not be swollen.

Male breast hyperplasia is in most instances bilateral. Its causes are classified as follows:

  • Congenital;
  • Hormonal;
  • The result of being overweight. (The most common cause)

The last case is the most common.

In addition, it should be noted that many adolescents, at puberty, will present a temporary gynecomastia Gynecomastia .

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The Gynecomastia Principle: purpose & technique

The main purpose of Gynecomastia and the techniques ?

The main purpose of Gynecomastia Tunisia is male breast adjustment. That is, by remedying the hypertrophied mammary glands and the fat deposits in the chest area.

This cosmetic surgical procedure is made up of two techniques that can be either separated or combined, as the case may be:

  1. Removal of the mammary glands;
  2. Liposuction of excess fat in the chest.

Whether or not they are combined, these two techniques will allow the man to regain a firm and full chest.

The Gynecomastia Tunisia : the ideal solution for your concerns

Experienced and skilled, Tunisian cosmetic surgeons master the most efficient techniques for correcting hypertrophy of the male mammary gland.

As a result, gynecomastia Tunisia addresses the following issues :

  • Congenital mammary gland hypertrophy: of genetic origin;
  • Hormonal mammary gland hyperplasia: also called glandular;
  • Fatty gynecomastia: also called adipomastia or lipomastia
  • Combined gynecomastia

Gynecomastia Tunisia: for whom

Regardless of the type of Gynecomastia you have, you can resort to gynecomastia Tunisia in order to benefit from a successful male breast correction at reasonable rates.

However, the only requirement is that you cannot be under the age of 17. This is the age required for the full development of the mammary glands.

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Gynecomastia process

At first, a pre-operative check-up is needed. It will enable the surgeon to define the type and degree of your gynecomastia.

Moreover, the correction of enlarged male mammary glands requires general anesthesia. It usually only requires 90 minutes of anesthesia. The surgery is frequently performed on an ambulatory basis, but in case of need, the patient can be released the very next day.

Dental implantology steps

After anesthesia,

  1. In case of removal of the mammary glands:
  • Making incisions at the bottom of the areolas.
  • Definitive removal of the mammary glands.
  • Removal of excess skin if necessary.
  • Stitches.
  1. In case of fatty gynecomastia :
  • Realization of fine incisions.
  • Fat liposuction.
  • Removal of excess skin if necessary.
  • Stitches.

As we have seen above, the steps differ for each technique. Keep in mind also that the two techniques can be combined together.

Gynecomastia: the postoperative phase

Starting from the day after the operation, a compression garment needs to be worn in place of the bandage. This period should last approximately a month for an ideal result.

The pain, which will be mild to moderate, will be calmed by the intake of painkillers.

It should be noted that there will be some edema and bruises, on average for two weeks.

The recommended rest period is 7 days. It is thus necessary to avoid stressing the chest for a month and a half. So no sports activities are allowed during this period.

Possible complications

Gynecomastia represents very minimal risks. The rare notable complications are: hematoma or infection.

You will then have more talking with your surgeon, who will explain all possible complications.

Gynecomastia Tunisia: the potential result

After only one month of your gynecomastia Tunisia, you can begin to appreciate the final result. Your breasts will no longer be drooping but firmed up. Your breasts will take the shape of the pectoral muscle.

Gynécomastie Tunisie prix

Gynecomastia Tunisia price

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