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A captivating smile is not only an important element of beauty but also a sign of good hygiene and a healthy lifestyle. In contrast, missing or poorly cared-for teeth are associated with carelessness and poor health.

Thus, a perfect and harmonious set of teeth is a great asset, whether it is to seduce or to look younger and healthier.

The problem of missing teeth is both embarrassing and negatively affects people's self-confidence. It can therefore cause real discomfort.

The Dental surgery can remedy various teeth imperfections. In this sense, there is an effective technique offered by cosmetic dentistry to remedy the imperfection of missing teeth. It is referred to as dental implants placement.

If you want to enjoy a perfect set of teeth at the best possible price, procedure is performed by highly professional and specialized dentists

Dental implant procedure main objective

Also referred to as dental or oral implantology, It is a dental surgery whose goal is to completely reconstitute the missing tooth or teeth.

The purpose of dental implants is to replace missing teeth.

Dental implant placement Tunisia

It provides patients the opportunity to have once again a complete set of teeth while guaranteeing reasonable results. The technique used is to place an artificial tooth root in the jawbone.

The root will obviously be compatible with the bone in the jaw. Then, on top of it, a new tooth is placed. The life span of the dental implant is several years.

By correcting the problem of missing teeth, the patient will have a more attractive smile and more harmonious teeth.

Implant Dentaire Tunisie

Dental implant placement Tunisia

The procedure is performed by highly professional and specialized dentists.

In short, the installation of dental implants is a d’dental surgery process perfectly mastered by Tunisian dental surgeons.

They strive to deliver impeccable results

Oral implantology : who is suitable for

Generally, any individual that is healthy enough to have a regular tooth extraction or oral surgery can benefit from a dental implant . Thus, it is a must to have healthy gums and enough bone to accommodate the implant. They must also be willing to maintain good oral hygiene and make regular visits to the dentist.

Dental implant placement: the course of action

The dental Dental implants takes place under local anesthesia. It lasts according to the number of teeth to be implanted.

That is to say, there are 2 different techniques of dental implantology. These depend on the type of implant, the number of teeth, and especially their respective locations.

Indeed, some implants require up to 3 sessions in order for the tooth to be correctly implanted. However, in other situations, a single session may be sufficient.

Dental implantology steps

  • Clinical examination.
  • Customized preparation of a ceramic dental implant.
  • Making incisions in the gum.
  • Preparation of the implant's location in the bone.
  • Introduction of a titanium artificial root.
  • The root is attached to the dental implant.
  • Fixation of the new tooth by screwing.

How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

In general, Dental implants are meant to be a long-term solution to tooth loss and can last between 15 and 20 years.

Dental implant placement in Tunisia: the result

Following an implantology or dental Dental implants Tunisiaperfectly overcomes the problem of missing teeth. Therefore, Medlart ensures that your teeth will be flawless for many years to come!

Thus, this discomfort is corrected to make way for a perfect, elegant, radiant, and natural smile.

Your teeth will appear healthier. Also, your face will be considerably younger.

Price of dental implants in Tunisia with Medlart

If you want to improve your overall dental health and enhance your self-confidence at rates that perfectly suit your budget, opting for Medlart is your accurate choice for dental implants in Tunisia.

This procedure can be involved in your all-inclusive medical stay, which will include, among other things, your cosmetic procedure.

We can include this procedure in your all-inclusive medical stay, which will involve, among other things, your cosmetic procedure.

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