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A more muscular and masculine appearance is every man’s desire. In other words, a tight, muscled chest is highly sought after and wanted by men. Even though weight training exercises can provide this advantage, they do require stamina. Besides, not all pectoral muscles can be developed in the same way.

Furthermore, physical activities alone cannot delay the aging process. This latter is characterized by muscle wasting and skin sagging as well.

When initiated, the process of muscle and skin loosening quickly affects a man's torso.

In order to have a well-defined and muscular chest, the insertion of pectoral implants Tunisia is the solution you have been looking for. Thereby, an excellent and immediate result is guaranteed.

In addition, pectoral implants Tunisia allows you to benefit from reliable and safe cosmetic surgery and at the same time to benefit from a reasonable price.

In what does the placement of pectoral prostheses consist?

The chest implants is a cosmetic surgery that involves very few risks. The rare complications are infection and hematoma.

The pectoral prostheses will be implanted under the pectoral muscles for optimal and natural projection. Thus, the functions of these muscles will not be damaged.

Made out of silicone and are available in several sizes, in a way to suit everyone's requirements.

Motivations behind a pectoral implant procedure:

Two pectoral muscles are involved:

  • The pectoralis major: in the lower chest area.
  • The pectoralis minor: in the upper chest area.

Since they are divided into 2 separate types, it is possible that these two muscles do not develop in a homogeneous way.

Additionally, with age, the pectoral muscles sag.

In both cases, a man may very well consider the placement of pectoral implants pose d’implants pectoraux to ensure a quick and certain firming of the chest.

implant pectoraux prix

The Advantages of Pectoral Implant Placement Tunisia

The pectoral implants Tunisia is achieved by the surgical insertion of a solid silicone pectoral implant. Thus, the placement of pectoral implants in Tunisia has been experiencing considerable demand and popularity over the last few years. On the one hand, this is explained by the democratization of cosmetic surgery among men. On the other hand, Tunisia has a high level of experts who can guarantee impeccable results. Moreover, the prices of pectoral implants Tunisia are more than affordable and convincing.

Are Chest Implants Tunisia Right For YOU?

Whatever your age and your motivations are, if you are a man who wishes to have firm and nicely designed chest muscles but still wants the best prices, pectoral implants Tunisia is performed by highly professional and specialized dentists

Chest implants are a great option for practically everyone, not only for bodybuilders because many men fail to achieve the chest development they wish for through exercise alone.

Pectoral Implant Placement Procedure Steps:

During the preoperative visit, your surgeon will have the opportunity to understand your expectations and suggest the size of the pectoral implant that meets your needs.

The placement of pectoral prostheses takes place under general anesthesia and lasts approximately 1h30. The discharge from the clinic will generally be the next day.

Dental implantology steps

After anesthesia,

  • Making a discreet vertical incision in the armpit.
  • Introduction of the pectoral implant under the pectoralis major muscle.
  • Precise placement of the prosthesis.
  • Stitches are placed.

The postoperative phase of a male pectoral augmentation:

This is a surgery with little pain. The pain can easily be calmed by simply taking painkillers.

It is totally fine for swelling and bruising to emerge. They won't stay for too long, only for few days.

It is vital to use a compression girdle, whether during the day or night, in order to properly attach the pectoral implants. This should continue to be worn for 4 weeks.

The recommended period of rest is 5 to 7 days, after which it is perfectly possible to continue professional and social activities. However, the only exception is sports activities, which are only allowed after 60 days

Possible complications

The pose d’implants pectoraux est une chirurgie esthétique qui comporte très peu de risques. Les exceptionnelles complications sont : infection et hématomes et sont réversibles.

Your surgeon will take all the time needed to detail all the potential complications.

Pectoral implants Tunisia: the result

We should emphasize first of all that the result is quite immediate and it is what contributes to the success of the pectoral prosthesis placement.

You will quickly notice an optimal projection of the chest. This one will be perfectly well firm and shapely.

Finally, note that the life span of a pectoral implant is more than 10 years. That said, its removal is possible at any time.

Price of pectoral implants in Tunisia

Medlart Canada guarantees you a price for pectoral implants that challenges all rivals. Besides, we commit ourselves, during your medical stay in Tunisia, to provide you with the best medical care as well as a safe and successful surgical procedure.