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The reasons behind sagging skin on the arms are as follows: excess weight, rapid weight loss, age, and hereditary factors.

Regardless of the origin of the arm skin and muscle loosening, this phenomenon is both embarrassing. It creates a disharmonious silhouette and alters the appearance. In addition, people suffering from this condition generally try to hide their arms and are therefore not free to wear what they desire.

To fix the defect of sagging arms, an arm lift is an optimal and effective solution. It aims to remedy this unsightly aspect of the arms by lifting them and making them thinner and firmer.

Getting to know the arm lift principle :

It is more precisely the lifting of the inner sides of the arms , also referred to as brachial lifting or brachioplasty:

This is a cosmetic procedure of the silhouette that fixes the marked sagging of the arms.

The aim of the arm lift is to tighten the arms by removing excess fat from the affected area. To reach this goal, several methods are used.

These methodes have a dual purpose:

  1. Correcting arms sagging skin, at the level of their internal face, by means of the lifting technique.
  2. Removing the excess fat by mini liposuction.

This guarantees a very satisfactory result.

Arm lift: 3 different types of objectives

egardless of the cause of the sagging arms, the arm lift has three major goals:

  1. A purely cosmetic goal: to put an end to psychological discomfort caused by sagging arms and the appearance of stretch marks.
  2. A rejuvenating goal: sagging arms are synonymous with muscle loss due to aging. This is why when they are lifted, you will naturally look younger.
  3. A functional goal: in case of important slackening of the arms, their inner side will become irritated. Also, when there is an accumulation of fat in this body part, the person may suffer from shoulder pain due to the heaviness of the arms.

Arm Lift Tunisia : who is concerned ?

Adults with important skin laxity in the arm Adults of all ages with relatively stable weight and who are not excessively overweight.

Healthy individuals without any medical conditions that may interfere with healing or enhance the surgery risk.

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The Arm Lift process

During the preoperative visit, your surgeon will determine the arm lift technique that matches the extent of your brachial sagging.

The the arm lift is performed under general anesthesia and requires 2 hours. It can sometimes be performed on an outpatient basis, but as a general rule, the patient is discharged from the clinic the next day.

The procedure is very much like the thigh lift.

Dental implantology steps

After anesthesia,

  • Realization of the incisions
    1. Either vertical: longitudinal incision on the inner side of the arms. For moderate slackening.
    2. Or horizontal: under the armpits. For minor sagging.
    3. Or double: in the shape of an L or a T. For important and diffuse sagging.
  • Removal of excess skin.
  • Draping of the skin.
  • Lifting
  • Localized liposuction if necessary.
  • Stitches are placed.
  • Dressing


Whatever the type of incisions, the surgeon will make sure that the scars are discreet.

A compression girdle must be worn for 3 weeks following the arm lift.

The Arm Lift Postoperative Phase :

Following the the brachial lift there will be some mild pain that will be relieved by the use of painkillers. Edema and bruising will also occur and will last for approximately 15 days and will slowly fade away.

Your surgeon will prescribe anticoagulants as a preventive measure.

A one-week rest is advised. Then, all activities, except sports, can be undertaken. You may consider sports activities after 1 month of the arm lift.

Possible complications

Regarding the lift of the inner arms complications are rare. They may include bruising, infections, or insensitivity of the arms. In any case, your surgeon will list all possible risks.

Brachioplasty Tunisia Result

Within two weeks of receiving your brachial lift , you will notice a significant improvement in the appearance of your arms. In fact, tighter, better sculpted and more refined are the new attributes of your arm. After 3 months, the result will be even more satisfying

Lifting bras Tunisie

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