Lipofilling seins Tunisie meilleur prix

The way women dress depends to a large extent on their breasts size.

In fact, small breasts influence women clothing as well as the type of bra needed to compensate for the lack of symmetry.

Often, due to their breast sizes being too small, many women feel insecure and unattractive. In fact, breast hypoplasia is considered, in most cases, as an embarrassment that affects their femininity.

To overcome this discomfort,breast augmentation Tunisia by lipofilling is an effective solution that guarantees outstanding results

This cosmetic breast procedure offers many advantages at the lowest rates ever, including natural results, foreign body-free breast augmentation, and invisible scars.

The Breast Lipofilling Tunisia offers all these advantages, in addition to guaranteeing low prices.

Breast lipofilling: the idea behind it

The Breast lipofilling is a cosmetic surgery that aims to enlarge the breast volume by injecting autologous fat. That is to say, lipofilling refers to the injection of the patient's own fat into her breasts. The removal of fat is done in a specific area of the body, such as the abdomen, thighs, saddlebags etc.

Thus, we can say that the benefit is almost two-fold. Since, the patient will not only benefit from a breast augmentation, but also from a mini liposuction.

Who is suitable for a Breast Lipofilling Tunisia :

You are a perfect candidate for breast lipofilling Tunisia if you wish to increase the volume of your breasts naturally. Moreover, choosing Tunisia as your favorite destination for cosmetic surgery means that you will benefit from excellent care, customized follow-up, and reasonable rates in comparison to those proposed in Canada and in Europe in general.

Additionally, you must have, in one of the parts of your body, the required amount of fat for this procedure. Also, you have to be at least 17 years old before considering breast lipofilling, so that the growth of the mammary glands is completed.

The Breast Lipofilling Technique : relevant information

Breast lipofilling has been performed for a variety of different concerns:

  • Natural breast augmentation;
  • Breast reconstruction ;
  • Correction of breast asymmetry
Lipofilling seins Tunisie prix

The process of Breast Lipofilling

During the pre-operative examination, you will meet with your surgeon to exchange ideas about the expected results and the final appearance of your new breasts.

The Breast lipofilling is performed under general anesthesia. The procedure typically lasts between 2 and 3 hours. The time required for the surgery varies according to the fat quantity to be removed and the surgical procedures to be performed.

As for the departure of the clinic, it is made the next day.

Dental implantology steps

The Breast lipofilling follows the same principle as all lipofilling procedures, including Facial lipofillingThat is to say, the practitioner initially performs a small liposuction on the body area already chosen. As with classic liposuction, he will use fine cannulas.

Then, the removed fat will be purified by centrifugation. Then it will be injected into the breasts. Finally, the surgeon will perform the stitches and dress.

Notice that all the scars will be practically invisible.

Breast Lipofilling Post-Operative Follow-Up

Following breast lipofilling some mild pain will be felt. They will be similar to aches and pains. At the breast level, there will be slight tingling and some tension.

All these symptoms will be reduced by analgesics and will gradually vanish.

The same goes for edema and bruising, which will disappear after 2 weeks.

You must wear a support girdle where the liposuction was done. This will be sufficient to maintain your breasts along with a special bra for one month.

You must rest for a period of 7 days before resuming all your activities, with the exception of sports activities, which can be resumed after 1 month.

Possible complications

Since this is a cosmetic procedure that is done by injection of autologous fat, complications are rare. Among them are: fat cysts and infection. Please ask your surgeon to explain all the risks to you in detail.

Breast lipofilling Tunisia: the result

First, know that 20 to 30% of the fat that has been injected will be resorbed in a natural way.

Moreover, having foreseen this phenomenon, the surgeon will increase the amount of fat required.

Once you wait 2 months, you will start to really appreciate the new natural look of your breasts. Your breasts will gain in volume, for a very beautiful neckline!

Price Breast Lipofilling Tunisia

At Medlart, we ensure you the most affordable price for lipofilling Tunisia along with premium assistance in all phases of the medical intervention.