Liposuction Tunisia with MEDLART : A REWARDING RESULT

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There are several factors that can contribute to fat accumulation in one or multiple body parts. Whether it's the classic case of being overweight or weight gain following a pregnancy. In reality, stubborn fat can settle anywhere and be quite resistant. In fact, localized fat is the most challenging to lose, despite all the efforts made.

That being said, a harmonious and nicely sculpted body is the dream of most people.

In order to get rid of unwanted excess fat, liposuction appears to be the ideal solution. Besides, it is surely for this specific reason that liposculpture is amongst the most widely practiced cosmetic surgeries in the world.

As for liposuction in Tunisia Tunisia is concerned, it ensures perfect results while guaranteeing you unbeatable prices.

The principle of liposuction

The technique of liposuction has dramatically transformed the world of plastic and cosmetic surgery. It is one of the earliest procedures, established already some thirty years ago.

Its main principle is to eradicate rebellious fat, stored in a defined body part.

This can be the belly, thighs, saddlebags, buttocks, etc.

This is done by sucking up the fat cells with the help of cannulas linked to an ingenious circuit, allowing the adipocytes to be pumped out in a definitive way. Indeed, it is good to know that fat cells do not regenerate. Therefore, this is where the effectiveness of Liposuction

However, this intervention is not a miracle remedy for major overweight or obesity.

Besides, in case of weight gain following liposuction, the fat will settle in other untreated areas.

In short, the goal of such a cosmetic surgery of the silhouette is to sculpt the silhouette and make it more harmonious.

Liposuction in Tunisia: so many advantages !

The Liposuction Tunisia is one of the most widely performed cosmetic surgeries. It is now becoming very common and it guarantees very positive results. The success of liposuction Tunisia is made possible thanks to Tunisian surgeons' experience, experts in body contouring surgery.

By having a liposuction surgery Tunisia you are provided with the most innovative techniques and medical care that meets your expectations as well as personalized accompaniment.

The other major advantage of such an option is the fact of benefiting from an extremely affordable rate.

Which candidates are suitable for liposuction in Tunisia?

Regardless of the reason for which you have excess fat stored in one or more areas of your body, if you want to get rid of it, in a permanent way, without spending a significant amount of money, Liposuction Tunisia is your ideal choice.

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The process of a liposuction

To begin, your surgeon will clearly pinpoint the area to be sculpted as well as the amount of fat to be removed, during the preoperative visit.

The liposuction is performed under general anesthesia. It will take between 30 and 60 minutes. The patient will be expected to leave the clinic the following day.

Dental implantology steps

After anesthesia,

  • Making very small incisions.
  • Introduction of fine cannulas, 3mm thick.
  • Aspiration of the fat cells.
  • Stitches are placed.

The wearing of a compression garment is mandatory.

Post-operative follow-up of liposuction:

First, we must point out that the compression garment must be worn, day and night, for a period of 15 to 30 days. This is to minimize edema.

Swelling, like bruising, is absolutely normal and will only last a couple of weeks. Sometimes, the prescription of anticoagulants is necessary, especially in the case of complete liposuction. Also, in this case, lymphatic drainage massages are recommended.

As for pain, which will be moderate, it will be calmed by taking painkillers

It is important to rest for at least a week before resuming all your activities, with the exception of sports, which can only be considered one month after the Liposuction

Possible complications

For several years now, liposuction has been widely adopted. It is considered to be the least risky cosmetic surgery of the silhouette. As a result, complications are very rare. They are, globally, risks related to anesthesia or hematoma, or phlebitis. Even if the risks are very minimal, your surgeon will take the trouble to detail them to you.

Liposuction Tunisia: the results

It is only necessary to be patient for a period of one month so that the majority of the edemas are completely disappeared. You can then begin to appreciate the result. To completely celebrate your new figure, you must wait at least 3 months.

The localized fat will have completely vanished to make room for a more harmonious and better-sculpted silhouette.

liposuccion Tunisie

Price of a liposuction Tunisia with MedlArt

Profit from an incredible liposuction surgery price Tunisia with Medlart! Thanks to our experience in the field of medical stays in Tunisia, we are able to ensure you flawless medical care in the most prestigious clinics.