Redrapage mammaire Tunisie

Severe weight loss, fast weight loss, pregnancy, or even aging are all factors behind the droopy breast phenomenon, also called breast ptosis.

After all, it is widely known that Women with sagging breasts tend to feel less desirable. It even affects their self-esteem. Yet, what bothers them the most is the fact that they are not able to fit into the clothes they prefer and that they are forced to wear a bra constantly

To this concern, only breast lift represents an effective solution.

To address this concern, many women are opting for breast lift Tunisia , as it offers the advantage of remedying this discomfort at the lowest cost with the highest quality medical guidance.

The breast lift is performed through the use of various procedures. To learn more about this cosmetic procedure, you are cordially invited to read the following.

What is a Breast Lift

What does breast lift involve ?

Also referred to as Breast Mastopexy, it is the cosmetic procedure that provides the best treatment for breast ptosis discomfort by fixing the sagging and drooping appearance of the breasts.

Breast lift also remedies the problem of asymmetrical breasts. It improves the shape of the breasts, enhances their appearance, and makes them look more attractive. Besides, it positions the areolas and nipples in the most appropriate way. In addition, all excess skin is removed.

Basically, the breast lift deals with the following problems:

  • Hereditary breast ptosis;
  • Acquired breast ptosis: weight loss, breastfeeding, aging, etc.
  • Ptosis associated with breast hypertrophy.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for Breast Lift

The ideal candidate for a breast lift (Mastopexy) is any woman who experiences significant breast sagging and is unhappy with the way her breasts look is concerned by the breast lift Tunisia.

If you want to put an end to your worries by getting firmer, fuller, and more feminine breasts without paying huge sums of money, the Tunisian breast lift is your greatest option !

The process of Breast Lift Tunisia

How does a breast lift in Tunisia take place? ?

One must first have a pre-operative examination so that the surgeon can assess the extent of the breast ptosis.

The medical intervention occurs under general anesthesia. It lasts on average no more than 3 hours according to the surgical operations to be performed. As for leaving the clinic, it is done within 24 hours after the breast lift.

Dental implantology steps

After anesthesia,

  • Incisions: they are either inverted T, vertical or horizontal.
  • Removal of excess skin.
  • Raising of the breast.
  • Breast lift.
  • Realization of aesthetic stitches
  • Bandaging of the breasts.


Do not worry about the scars, they will fade with time.

Breast Lift Post-Operative Effects :

The post-surgical discomfort of a breast lift is mild. Analgesics are more likely to calm the pain.

However, edema and bruising will last for some time and will gradually disappear.

Also, the nipples will become less sensitive for a few weeks. You will need to use a compression bra. This serves to hold the breasts well and keep them protected. This should last 30 days.

The use of massage will promote a better healing process. Also, please consider avoiding the sun for a month. Keep in mind that during this time, sports activities should be banned.

Possible complications

It is unlikely that any complications will arise from a breast lift Nevertheless, the possible risks mainly concern infections, nipple insensitivity, or slow healing. They will be further discussed in detail with your surgeon.

redrapage mammaire implant Tunisie

The Results After a Augmentation Mammoplasty in Tunisia

Regarding the scars, they will be less visible and less reddish after about 1 year after the operation. They will gradually change color from red to pink and then eventually to the natural color of the skin. They will also be quite thin and discreet.

After the first year, you will be in a good position to finally enjoy the results of the breast lift.

Your breasts will be lifted, more defined, and tighter. You will be much more confident in your clothing and breast ptosis will be rectified.

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