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Rhinoplasty Tunisia the harmony and the balance of the face depends on all its different parts and notably on the nose!

Indeed, a disproportionate nose certainly affects the appearance of the face and modifies its appearance, either to the right or to the wrong extent.

A nose that is too humped or too flat may be a real embarrassment to the person.

To repair this problem, rhinoplasty is a very good option, which can even be essential in case of respiratory discomfort that accompanies the nose defect.

The Rhinoplasty Tunisia has a double advantage: the guarantee of a gratifying result, thanks to the expertise of Tunisian surgeons, and the benefit of an extremely advantageous rhinoplasty price in Tunisia ., you are the right candidate!

Rhinoplasty Tunisia : all you need to know

The Rhinoplasty Tunisia treats the following issues

  • Flattened nose and
  • Humped nose
  • Deformed nose

It can also fix a failed rhinoplasty or remedy breathing difficulties caused by the cartilage of the nose.

In a nutshell, plastic surgery of the nose in Tunisia repairs the shape and the size of the nose and remedies respiratory or post-traumatic nasal concerns, while resorting to the most innovative methods. These methods aim to adjust the cartilaginous and bony structures of the nose in a natural and relevant way.

Types of cosmetic surgery of the nose Tunisia :

Types of cosmetic surgery of the nose in Tunisia: considered leaders in the field of facial cosmetic surgery and more specifically in rhinoplasty, Tunisian surgeons perform several types of nasal procedures.

  1. Cosmetic rhinoplasty: to address various defects of the nose, such as bumps or deviations.
  2. Ethnic rhinoplasty: especially dedicated to African or Asian patients showing the specific features of a flat nose with large nostrils.
  3. Reconstructive rhinoplasty: to repair an old surgery or a post-traumatic deformation.
  4. Functional rhinoplasty: to eliminate respiratory discomfort by redressing the nasal septum

Rhinoplasty Tunisia: for whom?

Before considering nose cosmetic surgery, you must be at least 17 years old, the age at which the nose completes its growth. Unless it is a repair or functional surgery, it is suggested to respect this condition. If you meet the above criteria and wish to benefit from impeccable care while taking advantage of a very advantageous rhinoplasty price in Tunisia très avantageux, vous êtes le bon candidat !

The rhinoplasty procedure

After the preoperative visit, the surgeon will schedule the rhinoplasty with the rest of the medical staff.

Generally, the surgery is performed under general anesthesia for a better comfort. It usually takes a maximum of 2h30 and the patient can safely leave the clinic the following day.

The steps in few points

After anesthesia,

  • Making the incisions: inside the nostrils for narrowing and around the base of the wings for widening.
  • Depending on the nature of the rhinoplasty: remodeling of the internal osteo-cartilaginous part and redressing of the nasal septum.
  • The incisions are closed with very fine absorbable sutures and finally bandaged.

The postoperative phase of rhinoplasty :

Noise plastic surgery is almost pain-free. However, there is a particular discomfort which is the swelling of the nose which handicaps breathing.

Indeed, the nose will present edema that will rise to the level of the eyelids and will be associated with

Ecchymosis. These manifestations will diminish 10 to 15 days after the rhinoplasty.

You should rest for one week before considering resuming your social and professional activities.

You must also take the necessary measures to protect your nose which will remain quite vulnerable for 15 to 21 days.

Possible complications

With the advancements in nose cosmetic surgery, complications are uncommon. In the presence of a skilled surgeon, failure is not an option.

Regarding minor complications, they are basically: infection or nosebleeds.

In any case, your surgeon will explain all the risks in detail.

Rhinoplasty Tunisia best results with Medlart :

Whatever the defect of your nose, it will be more harmonious and more balanced with the whole face. All the features of the nose will appear more attractive.

You will appreciate the final result within 3 to 6 months following your rhinoplasty in Tunisia.

Rhinoplastie Tunisie prix

Rhinoplasty Tunisia Prices with Medlart :

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