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Having too large and heavy breasts is both a functional and cosmetic problem.

Heavy breasts are embarrassing and uncomfortable, whether it is to be able to wear the desired clothes or to have a proper posture. In fact, breast hypertrophy causes back pain as well as shoulder and neck pain. This results in a constant feeling of heaviness and fatigue.

In addition, excessively large breasts usually generate considerable breast ptosis (sagging breasts).

Whether hereditary, hormonal, or due to being overweight, if this functional discomfort is accompanied by psychological discomfort, it is better to solve this worry!

For that the Breast reduction is an optimal solution for this.

Moreover, opting for a breast reduction Tunisia allows you to benefit from successful cosmetic surgery of the breasts at special rates, while benefiting from an excellent medical stay.

Understanding the Principle of Reduction Mammaplasty :

As breast hypertrophy causes two concerns, functional and psychological, it is both a restorative and cosmetic surgery.

The goal of this surgery is to reduce the volume of the breast while lifting them by removing the abnormal development of the mammary glands. In other words, during a breast reduction the excess fat and skin that characterizes breast hypertrophy are removed. This way, the breasts will be smaller, lifted, and firmed.

Breast reduction Tunisia: implemented techniques

The Breast reduction Tunisia is made in accordance with the most up-to-date methods and techniques. They remedy, therefore, effectively the breast hypertrophy.

Thanks to the expertise of Tunisian practitioners cosmetic surgery of the breasts in Tunisia fixes :

  • The simple breast hypertrophy: medium drooping breasts without causing ptosis.
  • Breast hypertrophy accompanied by ptosis.
  • Breast hypertrophy with asymmetry: one breast larger than the other.

Find out if you are a good match for Breast Reduction

Who is it for réduction mammaire en Tunisie ?

If you are concerned about breast hypertrophy with all its functional and psychological worries, or if you simply want to shrink your breasts and make them tighter, the Breast reduction Tunisia is performed by highly professional and specialized dentists

As well as benefiting from excellent surgery and a top-of-the-line medical stay, you will also benefit from affordable prices that are significantly lower than in Quebec.

Please note that this surgery is reserved for women aged 17 years and older and women who are not breastfeeding.

reduction mammaire Tunisie

Breast Reduction Process

Above all, your plastic surgeon will discuss with you the preferred size and the adjustments to be made during your preoperative visit.

Cosmetic surgery to reduce breast size is performed under general anesthesia and takes a total of three hours. The patient will be expected to leave the clinic 1 or 2 days after the procedure.

Dental implantology steps

Before the anesthesia:

  • Drawings are made to serve as a reference for the surgeon.
After anesthesia,

  • Making 3 types of incisions that will form an inverted T. Note that the horizontal incision is now very discreet.
  • Removal of excess fat.
  • Removal of excess skin.
  • Modeling and lifting of the breasts.
  • Breast enhancement.
  • Repositioning of the nipples.
  • Stitches are placed.
  • Bandaging and dressing.

The postoperative phase of breast reduction

As with the breast liftthe post-operative phase is characterized by :

  • The presence of mild pain which will be soothed by analgesics.
  • The appearance of swelling and bruising that will usually disappear in the following 2 weeks after the breast reduction.
  • A temporary tendency for the breasts to become less sensitive, especially the nipples.

Additionally, it is mandatory to wear a support bra for 1 month. Also, it is essential to protect your breasts from the sun during this same period, so as not to alter the healing process.

Moreover, for a better result, massages are recommended. You should rest for a week before resuming your usual activities. You can resume sports activities 1 month after the breast reduction.


Possible complications

As with all cosmetic breast surgery, complications of breast reduction are unusual to occur. It involves, basically, the following phenomena: post-operative infection or hematoma, prolonged nipple insensitivity, and necrosis. Your surgeon will inform you of all the risks, in more details, before proceeding with the operation.

The result of a breast reduction Tunisia

The Breast reduction Breast reduction has the benefit of ensuring instant results since the volume reduction of the breasts will be very visible. Nonetheless, to be able to enjoy the final result, you must wait up to 90 days.

Your breasts will be much less large, the breast droop will be fixed and your chest will look as good as possible.

prices of breast reduction Tunisia

The prices of breast reduction Tunisia that we offer will certainly motivate you to take the first step towards overcoming the discomfort of breast enlargement, especially since we guarantee an irreproachable medical stay in every aspect.